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Men's Tank Speedsuits
These custom suits come standard with a"Tank-cut" back, but "Racer" back can be requested

Custom Solid
Solid Tank Suits
Solid Suits can be different color top and bottom, or the same color top and bottom.

Solid Speedsuit Pricing

PriceOne-off 2-89-2324-5960
Click here to see Upgrades & Add-ons

Custom Group Two
Shoulder Grip tank speedsuit 
Shoulder Grip
Side SwipeVerticalContrast BindingSplit Curve
 Split Vertical
Ringer tank Speedsuit
Single Pinstripe on solid 
Ringer Split Horizontal Split Diagonal Single Speedstripe Single Pinstripe 

Group 2 Pricing

PriceOne-off 2-89-2324-5960
Group II

Custom Group Three
Simple AngleTri- PartitionChexMirrorSimple Segue
Body Swipe
Vertical with single Speedstripe
Bound by Speed
Ringer with Binding tanksuit
 Vertical with Single Speedstripe Bound by Speed
 Horizontal Diagonal Ringer with Binding
 Double Speedstripe on Solid

Group 3 Pricing

PriceOne-off 2-89-2324-5960

Custom Group Four

Cave In with two styles
of back
My Horizon
Double Horizontal
Double Diagonal
Star Trick
Rip Curl
 Rip Curl with two styles of back
Lower V
 Triple Vertical   

Group 4 Pricing

PriceOne-off 2-89-2324-5960
Grp IV

Custom Group Five
ButSpace Horizontal
Vertical stripe with double speestripes
Double PinstripeTriple Diagonal
(stripes can vary in width)
Vertical and Double AngelsThe SegueTriple Horizontal
(stripes can vary in width)
ButSpace Horizontal Vertical with Double Speedstripes

The Highest Peak (shown with Racer- and Tank-back)
Strapped & Tied
Tri-Partition with VerticalChevron
Knife's Edge
All Downhill (shown with Racer-back) Vertical with Angled Stripe

Group 5 Pricing

PriceOne-off 2-89-2324-5960
Grp V

Custom Group Six
High Wire
 GTCurves, Angles and Speedstripes
Diagonal Bondage
Subtle  Binding
 Cave In with Vertical Stripe showing optional back Rip Curl with Angle showing optional backCurvacious
Subtle Binding  Swirl
ButSpace Cave In
 Pilot (shown with Tank- and Racer-back)
 Flag with Vertical Stripes ButSpace Careen  

Group 6 Pricing

PriceOne-off 2-89-2324-5960
Grp VI

Custom Group Seven
  Inverter Navigator (shown with Tank- and Racer -back)

Group 7 Pricing

PriceOne-off 2-89-2324-5960
Grp VI

Common Upgrades and add-ons
add to most speedsuits at appropriate quantity level
1 -8
9 - 59
Add Sewn-in Stripes (each)
Add Single Speed Stripes (pair)
Add Double Speed Stripes (2 pair)
Add Pinstripes (each)
Add Neck and Armhole Binding
Double Lining of Short (req for white)
printable versionPrintable version
 Mens Speedsuits

Men's sizing information.  How to measure, how to get that great JL fit!

 Decoration and Embellishment

Silkscreen, embroidery, sublimation--how to turn your custom JL garment into your team uniform.

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