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When is a Stripe a Stripe?
Images below show you the differences between the stripes that are part of our garment designs. 

Speed or Pinstripes sewn on Solid Garments (garment shown as royal blue)

Stripes sewn on solid garments

 How the stripes are shown on our garment icons

Single Speedstripe
Single Pinstripe on solid
Single Pinstripe
Vertical with single Speedstripe
Vertical with Single Speedstripe

Double Speedstripe on Solid

Double Speedstripe on Armstripe

  Two-Inch finished Stripe and things you can do to them...(garment is the royal blue background)

Two Inch Vertical Stripes

Triple Vertical Speedsuit

Triple Vertical Racetank or Singlet

Double Pinstripes
Vertical stripe with double speestripes
Vertical w/Double Speedstripes
Turbo   Halftight
Turbo Triple Vertical

   Three-Inch finished Stripe (royal blue is the garment)


Stripes on Three inch Verticals

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